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Sunday workshop at Chettle - 'Constructions in Landscape'

We're looking at creating landscapes with the three distances - near, middle and far, in a dynamic construction. We'll begin (after a good chat) with working drawings...and these really can be in almost any medium. In these drawings we'll construct our landscapes being very aware of how the three elements might 'sit' together in a convincing way. In the afternoon these drawings will be translated into a more permanent painting/pastel/mixed media work.

Here are three stages through a working drawing constructed from two different magazine images. If it's lovely and warm I shall certainly send people outdoors to draw with the same aims in mind.

I'll post the results from the workshop after the day is finished.


About this site...
I am an art teacher living and working in Dorset.  I have taught for the Adult Education Service and the University of Bath, plus some supply teaching in my local schools but now I run all my classes and courses privately. This site is intended as an addition to my teaching, primarily for any student who in the week misses a class and wants to catch up.
The lessons are also available for any one anywhere who would like some ideas on what to teach, what to learn or is just interested in seeing what we do.
I'm afraid I won't be able to answer emails asking for comments on anyone's work (other than for currently enrolled students).
I teach three weekly art classes in halls in and around Blandford in Dorset and every six weeks or so I run a Sunday workshop in a village hall on the outskirts of Blandford. I also run a vibrant five-day summer school.. Other than that I spend every available moment in my studio or drawing and painting elsewhere.
I studied for four years at The Slade School of Fine Art where I was awarded The Slade Prize on graduation. I went on to travel and study further finally doing a P.G.C.E at Exeter University with Ted Wragg as my mentor. It was a wonderful year of education which set me in good stead for my years of teaching since then.



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